Advent Experience Boxes

Each Advent Experience Box includes:

  • Advent Cards: A set of 25 cards with a fun activity or a thought-provoking question to help create meaningful connections.
  • Craft Activity Materials: All the pieces you need to discover and create a surprise craft together.
  • 4 Advent Wreath Candles + 1 Christ Candle: Tangible reminders to help your family celebrate and reflect on God’s gift to us.
  • Advent Calendar Download: A digital download with Scripture references, a list of activities, and conversation prompts.

When do I open the box?
As soon as it arrives! The four sections of the guide can be completed whenever suits your family best. Maybe that’s on each of the four Sundays leading up to Advent, during the week leading to Christmas, or simply four intentional times during the month of December.

Surprise Craft
Directions for the surprise craft are included in the “Activity” portion of each section in the guide. It will be completed in steps over the four sessions, with a thoughtful reflection in the last section.

Cards + Calendar
The 25 activity cards are undated, so they can be completed whenever is best for your family. Select one a day at random, or plan in advance. The downloadable calendar is a faith companion to the activity cards, with a Scripture verse from the Christmas story for each day.

Candles + Wreath
New to the Advent Wreath? The guide has you covered. Directions for when to light which color candle is included, along with thoughtful explanations to talk through together. The downloaded wreath includes placeholders for each candle and a design to color together.

The best present you could ever give is your presence. Give your family the gift of connection and reflect on the true reason for the season with our Advent Experience Box.

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